Compressed Air Display and Data Logging Equipment

Compressed air system monitoring and analysis equipment.

compressed air display data logger

The universal display and data logger can measure, display and record all relevant parameters (flow, consumption, dew point, pressure, temperature, power consumption, compressor status etc.) in a compressed air system.

This is a powerful yet cost-effective local display, sensor interface and data logging solution for virtually any application.

Up to 20 sensors can be connected to a single device allowing local nodes to be set up throughout the factory. With its easy to use, high resolution 5” touch screen, information from all the connected sensors can be accessed locally making readings easy to access for those on the ground.

The equipment can display virtually any parameter from the connected sensors and with its virtual channels can make calculations to help you measure and monitor efficiency or productivity, simplifying often complex tasks. Alarms can be set on each signal to your preselected parameters helping keep an eye on performance and indicating when there is a problem.

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About Suto iTec compressed air testing and monitoring products

The team at Compressed Air Technology are pleased to announce we have partnered with SutoiTec to provide compressed air & gas testing and measurement technology products to Sydney and Australian businesses. 

SUTO iTEC was born from an idea that compressed air and gas systems need improvement, that end-users were being starved of technology required to manage these systems and that the level of wasted energy needed to be brought under control. Since it’s inception in 2005, SUTO has grown to be one of the world leaders in compressed air and gas measurement technology and is the market leader in compressed air purity monitoring equipment.

SUTO continuously strives to improve it’s people, knowledge and products so that their customers can be a step ahead of the competition and always remain at peak performance. When systems are closely monitored with SUTO equipment, operational efficiency, optimal productivity and reliability can be understood and maintained. If something goes wrong SUTO products are there to let you know.

It has been long understood that you cannot manage what you do not measure and this remains true to this day. The incredible amount of data being gathered across the world is changing every aspect of life. Around 40% of this data comes directly from sensors and with smart factories, industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) expected to connect an extra 21 million new devices to the internet by 2021, data analysis and management is becoming more important. It’s only once insights from the data gathered are implemented that true change takes place. The challenge for most engineering and maintenance teams is to sort out the massive amount of data and turn it into something meaningful.

That is where Compressed Air Technology steps in… As an official SutoiTec partner, we have access to the entire range from this world-leading technology provider and can advise, supply and install custom-designed solutions to meet your exact needs. As a SutoiTec Australian Agent, we provide compressed air and gas measurement technology throughout Australia.

Our Suto iTec compressed air monitoring product range includes:

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