This is a state of the art technology for ultra-dry applications with a monitoring range of +20°C down to -100°C Td.

Reliable and long term dew point monitoring for compressed air and gases (-100… +20°C TD).

The SUTO dew point meter/sensor S220 provides reliable and long term stable dew point monitoring in industrial applications, with a range of -100 … +20 °C Td. It makes it an ideal choice for dew point measurements in high tech requirements and conditions.

A next generation plug-and-play solution.

The new generation of the dew point sensors offering compressed air users a plug & play solution to monitor their compressed air quality according to the ISO 8573-1. All transmitter models are available with 2-wire or 3-wire analog 4… 20 mA output signals, in addition to that the models are available with a Modbus/RTU digital interface. By offering different output signals users can profit from great flexibility and seamless integration into their process.

Combines a pressure and dew point sensor in a single instrument.

Additionally, the dew point sensors are offered with an integrated pressure sensor, combining a pressure and dew point sensor into a single instrument. The optional OLED display directly mounted on the sensor provides on-site real-time values. The display can be easily rotated by 340 ° to fit in any application.

Made to last forever.

The main body is made from high-class aluminium alloy with a soft finish. The process connection is a 1.4301 (SUS 304) stainless steel connection, made to last forever. The top cover is made from aluminium at the same quality as the main body. The optional display cover is made from robust Polycarbonate with ABS reinforcement to withstand the rough environment.

Unique sensor elements

Our QCM sensor is the result of years of high-tech research and development. The sensor was specially designed for low dew point applications where other sensor types fail. The combination of QCM and the well known Polymer sensor makes the S220 the world’s first model to measure accuracy over the whole range, from -100 °C Td up to +20 °C Td by switching automatically between the two sensor elements as needed. By fitting additionally a pressure sensor into the measurement unit, SUTO is combining 4 sensor elements (Polymer, QCM, Pt100, pressure) into a single dew point sensor.

The new generation are the successors of the well known SUTO dew point sensor, which have satisfied users for many years. The new sensors have been redesigned from the ground up, integrating the latest technology and all our experience, still they are fully backwards compatible to existing installations.

Product features

  • For high tech applications with a measurement range of -100 … +20 °C Td.
  • Dual Sensor System for high precision over the whole range.
  • Compact size makes them ideal for dryer installations.
  • Optional display for on-site values.
  • Display can be rotated by 340 ° to fit your needs
  • User friendly signal outputs: 2-wire analog 4… 20 mA or 3-wire analog 4…20 mA + Modbus/RTU.
  • IP65 casing provides robust protection.
  • Low maintenance costs due to stable and reliable measurements which increase calibration intervals.
  • Measured values available in several units: °C Td • g/m3 • mg/m3 • ppmv • g/kg (@ reference pressure) • % RH.

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Suto iTec

We have partnered with Suto iTec to provide compressed air & gas measurement technology to Australia.

SUTO iTEC was born from an idea that compressed air and gas systems need improvement, that end-users were being starved of technology required to manage these systems and that the level of wasted energy needed to be brought under control. Since its inception in 2005, SUTO has grown to be one of the world leaders in compressed air and gas measurement technology and is the market leader in compressed air purity monitoring equipment.

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