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Introducing our new brand, Compressed Air Technology

Since 2011 Superior Engineering Solutions have been providing contracting services to the compressed air industry throughout Australia. Over the last few years we have become increasingly aware of our clients need to maximise the efficiencies of their compressed air systems in the face of rising energy costs and a challenging business environment.

As a company, we have gravitated toward this area of the compressed air industry which has lead to significant investment in both technology and training of our staff to enable us to offer some unique new services, to compliment our existing offering, with a strong focus on compressed air system efficiency, reliability, productivity and compliance.

With this is mind we decided it was time to update our brand to better reflect our standing within the compressed air industry.

As such, we are delighted to announce that from the 1st July 2019 we will be trading under a new banner – 
Compressed Air Technology.

Whilst we have a great new name, logo, website and email addresses, we want to assure you it’s business as usual. All legal entities, banking detail, phone numbers, personnel, and services remain.

We are passionate about compressed air and our clients and look forward to continuing to build relationships as our company grows from strength to strength.

We thank you for your continued support and are looking forward to the next chapter as our business evolves to suit the needs of a changing industry.


All your compressed air solutions in one place.

Compressed Air Technology are specialist consultants and contractors for the compressed air industry. Working with industrial compressed air operators to maximise efficiency, reliability and productivity. We design, supply, install, monitor and certify compressed air systems for a wide range of industries Australia wide.

Compressed air is an expensive form of energy. Understanding that is the key to our success and the reason we stand out from the crowd. At Compressed Air Technology we design, supply and install compressed air systems that are functional, reliable, safe and efficient.

As a true independent, we are unencumbered by the usual constraints of traditional compressor dealers.

If you are thinking of investing in a new compressed air system, try an alternative approach and book an obligation free system assessment today

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compressed air system design

Compressed Air System Design

Understanding your exact requirements for compressed air and the impact it has on your business is the single most important factor we consider. Working with you to design a system that will deliver compressed air to your equipment at the optimum volume, pressure and quality, with a heavy focus on reliability and efficiency.

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air compressor equipment sales

Compressed Air Monitoring Tools & Equipment

Compressed Air Technology has partnered with a number of key, market leading global equipment suppliers to be able to offer a wide range of compressed air measurement and management options. Flow meters, pressure sensors, dew point sensors, power meters, oil vapor sensors, laser particle counters, data loggers and displays can be combined in any combination for your custom designed and built Compressed Air Monitoring Station (CAMS). As the old adage goes, “You cannot manage that which you do not know…”

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commercial air compressor installation

Air Compressor & Equipment Installations

Installations of all types of air compressors, dryers, filters, receivers, condensate and piping systems. From the plant room to full compressed air factory ring mains that supply air to your equipment, we can provide turnkey solutions for any project. Our experienced installers work exclusively in the compressed air industry, we are true industry specialists.

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compressed air compliance testing

Compressed Air Compliance Testing & Certification

Does your company use compressed air for critical applications? Using state of the art equipment, we provide onsite compressed air compliance testing and certification of air purity for critical applications in the medical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and industrial breathing industries, to name but a few.

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compressed air system efficiency audit

Compressed Air System Energy Efficiency Audits

Do you know how much your compressed air system costs to run? If not, you aren’t alone. A lot of companies don’t know how much air their processes consume, how much that air costs to generate and most importantly, how much of that costly air is being wasted. A compressed air audit from Compressed Air Technology will reveal all that, plus identify potential energy saving opportunities, leading to significantly reduced operating costs that ultimately improve your bottom line

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compressed air system monitoring audit

Compressed Air Monitoring

Are you aware that over time, air compressor systems become less efficient? Permanent monitoring of your compressed air system provides insights into day to day system operation, allowing usage trends to be tracked to ensure your system is not costing you more than it should or creating production issues due to poor quality air. Permanent monitoring systems can be remotely accessed and configured to send alerts when system parameters fall outside of pre-specified targets for efficiency, purity and pressure to name but a few. Remember, you can’t fix what you don’t not know…

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