Compressed Air System Installation

A compressed air system is only as effective as the installation allows it to be. A properly installed compressed air system will deliver a return on investment time after time. Understanding compressed air and its unique characteristics is the key to our success.

Sure, any decent plumber can run a pipe from A to B, but what sets Compressed Air Technology apart, is our deep understanding of compressed air systems and the effect that excess pressure drop can have on your system. A poorly designed and installed pipe system leads to inefficient compressor operation, increased energy consumption and potential production loses downstream.

We are specialist compressed air installers

Our team of dedicated compressed air installers are true industry specialists. Installing compressed air systems on a daily basis ensures we are kept up to speed with the latest advancement in technologies. We offer full turnkey installation services to take care of all your needs, from concrete plinths, cranes, electrical, ducting and ventilation works. We ensure your compressed air system is installed to all relevant regulatory standards and industry best practice.

Compressed air piping systems

Our installers are experienced in working with a wide range of piping materials such as;

  • Aluminium
  • Copper (brazed or crimped)
  • Stainless Steel (welded or crimped)
  • Steel (welded or threaded)
  • HDPE

Compressed air critical applications

As industry specialists we are regularly called upon to work on critical infrastructure and have invested heavily in plant and equipment to meet industry and regulatory demands for some of the following applications;

  • High Purity Installations  – Orbital Welding for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries
  • Medical Installations to AS2896
  • Respiratory Breathing Air Installations to AS1715
  • High Pressure Installations  to AS4042
  • Railway Signalling Installations to SPG0714

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Should you require assistance with an existing or new compressed air installation project, contact us on 1300 663 113 to book an obligation free system assessment.

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We are Sydney’s leading compressed air specialists

Compressed Air Technology are specialist consultants and contractors for the compressed air industry. Working with industrial compressed air operators to maximise efficiency, reliability and productivity. We design, supply, install, monitor and certify compressed air systems for a wide range of industries Australia wide.

Our independence is the key to our success

Huge increases in the cost of energy has seen the company start to focus on energy management. We are now regularly called upon as subject matter experts in a consulting capacity, to design compressed air systems that are efficient as well as reliable and safe. Our independence is key to our success, we are not encumbered by the constraints of a typical compressor dealer, we design each system with an open mind and scour the market for equipment that best suits our clients needs.

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We use specialist compressed air equipment

The company has invested heavily in specialist measuring, monitoring and testing equipment, along with the training of personnel to operate and understand measurement and monitoring methods for compressed air and gas systems. Our whole approach sets Compressed Air Technology apart from the crowd, we believe in what we do, are passionate about compressed air and strive to build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with a wide range of clients across a variety of sectors.

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