Our independence is the key to our success

Huge increases in the cost of energy has seen the company start to focus on compressed air energy management. We are now regularly called upon as subject matter experts in a consulting capacity, to design compressed air systems that are efficient as well as reliable and safe. Our independence is key to our success, we are unencumbered by the constraints of a typical compressor dealer, we design each system with an open mind and scour the market for equipment that best suits our client’s needs.

Specialist compressed air equipment

The company has invested heavily in specialist measurement, monitoring and testing equipment, along with the training of personnel to operate and understand compressed air and gas monitoring methods. Our whole approach sets Compressed Air Technology apart from our competitors. We believe in what we do, are passionate about compressed air and strive to build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with a wide range of clients across a variety of sectors.


Some of the industries we are currently servicing include;

  • Food & Beverage Processing & Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical Goods Processing & Packaging
  • Medical & Dental Facilities
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Steel Making
  • Construction
  • Railways
  • Mining
  • Laboratories, Universities & Research Facilities
  • Automobile Workshops

Meet Steven Willcox


Steven has been working in the engineering industry for 22 years, both with large multi-nationals and smaller bespoke companies. He began his career with a fully indentured apprenticeship at a large manufacturing plant in the UK, where he later went on to achieve a Higher National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

Following this he went on to run a Continuous Improvement Scheme, which involved working with a team of engineers to optimise production performance and improve efficiency across a range of systems and sites.

Over the years Steven has been involved with many large scale compressed air and gas projects, from concept to completion. He has spent time working with various OEMs, and has an in-depth product knowledge specific to the industry.

As part of his initial interests in the compressed air and gas industry, Steven created Compressed Air Technology. The company quickly gained momentum as a leading provider of compressed air and gas services throughout Australia. Since then the company has evolved to become a true specialist in the field of compressed air and gas.


Call us today to book an obligation free ‘meet and greet’ with Steve and the team to discuss what Compressed Air Technology can do for your business.