A compressed air system is only as efficient as it’s installation. 

Our approach differs from that of traditional compressed air dealers. 

Our approach tends to differ from that of a traditional compressor dealer, we believe in spending time with our clients to get to know the true compressed air requirements so that the correct equipment can be evaluated and selected accordingly.

We take a similar approach to designing your piping and distribution systems. Remember, a compressed air system is only as efficient as its installation.

We often hear clients complain they are ‘running out of air’, when the fact is their compressors are perfectly capable of supplying their processes, but restrictions in piping and poor design are leading to pressure drop and subsequent equipment malfunction.

compressed air system design

The compressed air system design process

At Compressed Air Technology we start with the end in mind. By understanding your plant’s unique requirements we follow a few simple steps to ensure systems are tailored to your exacting needs:

  • First we measure and monitor to understand the volume, pressure and quality of compressed air required for your application
  • Then we go to market to evaluate the available compressors, receivers, dryers and filtration systems to achieve those requirements, at the lowest operating cost, with a heavy focus on reliability
  • Finally we design piping and reticulation systems to deliver compressed air from the plant room to your equipment with a minimum of pressure drop. Taking into account flow, pressure, piping material and distance, we calculate optimum pipe diameters based on the velocity of the air. Attention to detail with pipeline fittings and valves further enhances the performance of the system

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