medical air compressors

Case Study: Medical Air Compressor & Suction System Upgrade (Central Tablelands Hospital)

Medical compressed air system upgrades. We recently completed a major upgrade of the medical air and suction systems for a hospital located in the Central Tablelands of NSW. After 25+ years of solid operation, the hospital’s old Compair compressors and vacuum pumps were ready for retirement.  To accommodate the client’s requirements, we recommended new, state-of-the-art, […]

compressed air energy management audits

Case Study: Compressed Air & Energy Management Audit (Aluminium Producer)

Monitoring and rectifying compressed air low-pressure issues. » The Problem A producer of extruded aluminium products in Western Sydney requested assistance to diagnose a recurrent issue they were having with low pressure on their compressed air system. Plant management concluded they required a larger air compressor and wanted to know what size machine they should […]

compressed air distribution systems

Case Study : Design and Installation of New Compressed Air Distribution System (Waste Recycling Facility)

The benefits of lowering compressed air operating pressure. » The Problem A prominent waste recycling facility in Western Sydney requested assistance in the design and installation of a new compressed air distribution system and additional compressor capacity to facilitate the installation of several new optical sorting machines. Their existing plant included two 110kW Compair fixed […]

compressed air specialists

Compressed Air Specialists – Sydney and Australia-wide

The team at CAT Air are compressed air specialists. We work with industry compressed air operators to maximise efficiency, reliability and productivity. Independent compressed air services We believe our success is in our independence. We are not affiliated with any specific air compressor brands instead designing, supplying and installing compressed air systems that suits the needs […]

industrial compressed air system installation

Case Study : New Compressed Air System Design and Installation (Industrial Printing Facility)

Industrial compressed air system for a large-scale global printing company in Sydney. » The Problem A global company specialising in the industrial print industry acquired a 120,000sqm manufacturing site in Western Sydney and commenced demolition and restoration works to develop a high-tech, high speed, paper printing facility producing supplementary advertising magazines for many well known […]

medical compressed air equipment upgrades

Case Study: Medical Industry Compressed Air Plant Room Equipment Upgrade (Sydney Children’s Hospital)

Medical compressed air machinery upgrades & system replacement. » The Problem An obsolete compressed air system providing medical compressed air required urgent replacement at a Sydney children’s hospital. We were recently called upon to assess the existing compressed air equipment for a major Sydney children’s hospital in Western Sydney. Upon inspection, we found their existing […]

types of air compressors

Common Types of Air Compressors

Buying a new air compressor? Do you really understand the compressed air requirements of your plant? Do you know how much air your equipment consumes and at what pressure? Are you aware that the single biggest cost associated with owning and operating an air compressor system will be the electricity costs required to run it? 1. Reciprocating Air […]

compressed air system pressure flow

Compressed air system pressure flow

Pressure-Flow Control: It’s More Than Stabilising Pressure The Compressed Air Challenge® Fundamentals and Advanced training discuss the benefits of using central controllers to efficiently control system compressors. These systems are called “System Master” controls. Modern day System Master Controls use advanced technologies to network air compressors in a preprogrammed sequence. A properly configured network with […]

reciprocating air compressor sales sydney

Reciprocating Air Compressors Sydney – Sales, Installation & Service

Sydney air compressor sales, repairs, installation & service How do reciprocating air compressors work? Reciprocating air compressors are positive displacement machines, meaning that they increase the pressure of the air by reducing its volume. This means they are taking in successive volumes of air which is confined within a closed space and elevating this air to a […]

air compressor monitoring systems

Easy-to-implement air compressor master control and monitoring systems

Compressed air is one of the most expensive energy sources used in our industrial plants. However, most compressed air systems have large energy savings potential. Easy-to-implement master control and monitoring systems provide crucial system information including the key performance indicators required to manage air compressors and their associated energy costs. Master control systems run air […]

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