Buying a new industrial air compressor

Are you in the process of buying a new air compressor?  If so: 

  • Do you really understand the compressed air requirements of your plant?
  • Do you know how much air your plant consumes and at what pressure?
  • Are you aware that the single biggest cost associated with owning an air compressor will be the electricity input costs required to run it

Over a typical 10 year air compressor life cycle, the cost of energy will account for around 76% of total costs, with the actual purchase/installation price accounting for just 12%.

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Before you contact the usual compressor dealers, consider getting your current system propoerly appraised, so that you can be sure you are buying what you actually need as opposed to what you are being sold

Too often we see the wrong compressors installed for the application.  A dealer may offer a great deal on a larger compressor, but they seldom point out the additional electrical costs you will incur to power it over the ten or so years it will be in operation.

Compressed Air Technology are independent compressed air systems specialists, dedicated to identifying and implementing energy saving initiatives to reduce compressed air usage, lowering energy costs and reducing carbon footprint.

Our approach tends to differ from that of a traditional compressor dealer, we believe in spending time with our clients to get to know the true compressed air requirements so that the correct equipment can be selected and evaluated accordingly.

Living by the old adage, ‘you cannot manage what you don’t measure’, Compressed Air Technology has developed a simple system that can be installed quickly, easily and without disruption to your processes, allowing us measure system flows, pressures, temperatures and power consumption.

This information can then be used to properly identify:

  1. Base load compressed air demand (average amount of air consumed by your plant)
  2. Peak load compressed air demand (peak amount of air consumed by your plant)
  3. Non-productive compressed air demand (amount of air wasted during times of zero production)
  4. Pressure profile (pressure band at which the system is operating)
  5. Power consumption(kilowatt hours)
  6. Operating costs (actual dollar value to operate your system)
  7. Optimization opportunities (measures that can be implemented to reduce energy consumption)

A detail report is then provided to summarise the information, in an easy to dissect format, giving a proper basis for consideration of new equipment purchases. With the cost of power ever increasing, can you really afford not to take a little time to figure out exactly what is required?

Take the guess work out of the equation and you have the facts at hand to make a sound decision weighing all the financial implications.

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