industrial compressed air system installation

Case Study : New Compressed Air System Design and Installation (Industrial Printing Facility)

Industrial compressed air system for a large-scale global printing company in Sydney.

» The Problem

A global company specialising in the industrial print industry acquired a 120,000sqm manufacturing site in Western Sydney and commenced demolition and restoration works to develop a high-tech, high speed, paper printing facility producing supplementary advertising magazines for many well known Australian brands.

The facility would import specialist high-speed European printing presses, sorters, stackers and robotics to manufacture the many millions of magazines that come with our Australian newspapers and drop through our letterboxes each year.

The equipment being implemented required compressed air as a major energy source and a system needed to be designed to ensure that compressed air was supplied at all times to support production

The site was stripped bare during the demolition phase and so provided a blank canvas for the new compressed air system design and installation.

sydney industrial compressed air system installation
The 120,000sqm manufacturing site in Western Sydney.
» The Solution

Our team at Compressed Air Technology were selected to work on this project, in conjunction with the equipment suppliers to Project Manage, and complete turnkey mechanical installation.

industrial compressed air system installation
Installation of 4 x 75kW Kaeser rotary screw air compressors with inbuilt refrigerant dryers, coalescing mainline filters and storage vessel.

Our scope of works included:

  • Consultation with site engineering team to understand the exact compressed air requirements of the equipment to be installed
  • Undertake site survey to find the best location for the compressor station
  • Installation of 4 x 75kW Kaeser rotary screw air compressors with inbuilt refrigerant dryers, coalescing mainline filters and storage vessel
  • Detail design and installation of a complete compressed air distribution system, comprising a 550mtr ring main constructed from 110mm Infinity Aluminium Compressed Air Piping, with 50mm sub-ring mains. Ring main was designed to deliver air at 6-10m/s to minimise pressure drop across the system
  • Detail design and installation of individual compressed air supply lines to equipment, each one individually engineered to deliver air to the machine at optimum velocity to ensure a minimum of pressure drop
  • Supply and installation of 20 x Macnaught retractable hose reels at various locations for maintenance, operational and cleaning purposes
  • Commission system to ensure operational performance meets the specification
  • Test and certify the compressed air quality to ensure correct purity levels achieved.
industrial compessed air system installation sydney
Supply and installation of 20 x Macnaught retractable hose reels at various locations for maintenance, operational and cleaning purposes.


» The Outcomes

Successful commissioning followed the plant start up. The compressed air system performed per design. The site has ample spare capacity to cope with the planned future expansion and installation of additional presses.

The compressors are being controlled with a proprietary Kaeser Sigma Air Manager (SAM), to ensure efficiency levels are being maintained and the plant isn’t wasting power running compressor in an in-efficient manner. More information about compressed air remote and onsite monitoring systems.

The compressed air purity is meeting specification and the pressure drop across the system measures approx. 0.3 bar from the plant room to the farthest point off the ring main. System pressure has been reduced as low as possible to ensure the plant is optimising their energy efficiency and further minimising power consumption.

Compressed Air Technology are working with this company on a regular basis providing support for their compressed air system as they continue to expand. The project was completed on-time and on budget, with successful outcomes achieved all round.

compressed air monitoring systems sydney
Monitoring to ensure efficiency levels are being maintained and the plant isn’t wasting power.

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Compressed Air Technology

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Compressed Air Technology are specialist consultants and contractors for the compressed air industry. Working with industrial compressed air operators to maximise efficiency, reliability and productivity. We design, supply, install, monitor and certify compressed air systems for a wide range of industries Australia wide.

Our independence is the key to our success

Huge increases in the cost of energy has seen the company start to focus on energy management. We are now regularly called upon in a consulting capacity to design compressed air systems that are efficient as well as reliable and safe. Our independence is key to our success, we are not encumbered by the constraints of a typical compressor dealer, we design each system with an open mind and scour the market for equipment that best suits our clients needs.

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We use specialist compressed air equipment

The company has invested heavily in specialist instrumentation equipment and the training of personnel to operate and understand measurement and monitoring methods for compressed air and gas systems. Our whole approach sets Compressed Air Technology (CAT Air) apart from the crowd, we believe in what we do, are passionate about compressed air and strive to build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with a wide range of clients across a variety of sectors.

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air compressor equipment sales

Printing industry compressed air equipment sales

Buying a new air compressor? Do you really understand the compressed air requirements of your plant? Do you know how much air your equipment consumes and at what pressure? Are you aware that the single biggest cost associated with owning and operating an air compressor system will be the electricity costs required to run it?

Over a typical 10 year air compressor life cycle, the cost of energy will account for around 75%-80% of total costs, dwarfing the initial costs associated with equipment purchase, installation and maintenance.

Independent air compressor sales advice

Before you contact the usual air compressor dealers, consider getting your current or proposed new system properly appraised, so that you can be sure you are buying what you actually need as opposed to what you are being sold.

At Compressed Air Technology, we make the effort to actually measure and monitor your system BEFORE you proceed with a high value purchase, ensuring the lifetime ownership costs are kept to a minimum.

As an independent operator, not tied to any particular brand, we have access to a huge range of premium quality equipment that is selected to ensure compressed air is supplied to your plant at the correct volume, pressure and quality, with a heavy focus on reliability.

We also supply a range of piping systems including aluminium, copper, stainless steel, HDPE and many more

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Printing industry compressed air system design

Too often we see the wrong compressors installed for the application.  A great deal on a larger compressor may look appealing initially, but seldom does anyone point out the additional electrical costs incurred to run it over the ten or so years it will be in operation.

Our approach tends to differ from that of a traditional compressor dealer, we believe in spending time with our clients to get to know the true compressed air requirements so that the correct equipment can be evaluated and selected accordingly.

We take a similar approach to designing your piping and distribution systems. Remember, a compressed air system is only as efficient as its installation. We often hear clients complain they are ‘running out of air’, when the fact is their compressors are perfectly cable of supplying their processes, but restrictions in piping and poor design are leading to pressure drop and subsequent equipment malfunction.

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Printing industry compressed air machine installation

A compressed air system is only as effective as the installation allows it to be. A properly installed compressed air system will deliver a return on investment time after time. Understanding compressed air and its unique characteristics is the key to our success.

Our team of dedicated compressed air installers are true industry specialists. Installing compressed air systems on a daily basis ensures we are kept up to speed with the latest advancement in technologies.

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Printing industry compressed air efficiency audits

Have you considered how much your compressed air system costs to run? Many business owners haven’t and it’s a common misconception that compressed air is free.  It’s only air, right? Wrong!

Compressed air is expensive!

Did you know that compressed air is one of the most expensive forms of energy used in industry today?

Often termed the ‘Fourth Utility’, compressed air is just as important to some businesses as electricity, water or gas. It is also very expensive to produce when you consider it takes approximately 7hp of electrical power to produce just 1hp of compressed air power…

10-15% of all industrial electricity is used to general compressed air.

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compressed air system monitoring audit

Printing industry compressed air repairs and leak detection

Did you know that most compressed air systems have leaks? Studies show that system leaks typically account for between 20-50% of compressor output, potentially wasting thousands of dollars every year. Most leaks are quick and easy to fix. Ask us how…

At Compressed Air Technology we offer a range a leakage detection and repair programs to suit all businesses and budgets. Our state of the art Ultra Sonic Leak Detectors and factory trained technicians are used to detect system leaks, and repairs can often be carried out on the spot, generating instant savings.

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