Compressed Air Filtration and Condensate Systems

Compressed Air Oil and Water Separators

Used to collect and process oil/water condensate expelled during the production and treatment of compressed air. Most commonly used air compressors are oil lubricated. The oily condensate must be treated according to Australian Standards and cannot be disposed of in storm-water drains. An oil/water separator removes oil to ensure compliance with legal discharge limits.

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compressed air oil water separator
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compressed air filtration condensate systems

Compressed Air Condensate Removal

Energy saving, electronically controlled, level sensing condensate drains that remove condensate without wasting air (zero-loss). Commonly installed on receiver tanks, water separators, dryers, filters, header piping and drain legs, condensate drains are a critical element of any compressed air system. Without them, oil/water condensate cannot escape and will eventually find its way into your equipment and/or product leading to contamination and failure. Zero-loss functionality ensures costly compressed air is not wasted in the process of condensate removal (unlike with standard timed drains) and with proper maintenance, will protect your compressed air system for years.


Compressed Air Cyclonic Bulk Water Separator

The cyclonic separator is used for the removal of solid and liquid particles and aerosols from compressed air and gasses after compression.

Designed for the processing of compressed air or other gases in industrial applications, commonly installed after the air compressor for effective removal of bulk contaminants and protection of downstream equipment


Compressed Air Filtration

Innovative filtration technology with a high retention rate and low-pressure loss. Compressed air filters are used to remove contaminants from the compressed air before it gets to your equipment/product. Flow-optimised design to minimise pressure loss for economic compressed air purification (saving on energy costs). Compact, service friendly construction with bayonet fixing, minimal space requirement and simple handling during exchange of filter element.

compressed air technology

Compressed Air Technology

Compressed air specialists Sydney + Australia

Compressed Air Technology are specialist consultants and contractors for the compressed air industry. Working with industrial compressed air operators to maximise efficiency, reliability and productivity. We design, supply, install, monitor and certify compressed air systems for a wide range of industries Australia wide.

Our independence is the key to our success

Huge increases in the cost of energy has seen the company start to focus on energy management. We are now regularly called upon in a consulting capacity to design compressed air systems that are efficient as well as reliable and safe. Our independence is key to our success, we are not encumbered by the constraints of a typical compressor dealer, we design each system with an open mind and scour the market for equipment that best suits our client’s needs.

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