Compressed Air Leak Management for Professionals

Fixing leakages in compressed air systems offers one of the biggest energy saving opportunities.

Finding leaks, estimating possible losses and preparing a report is time-consuming.  That’s how CAT Air can help.

Fixing leakages in compressed air systems offers one of the biggest energy saving opportunity. However finding leaks, estimating possible losses and preparing reports for clients are time consuming activities for companies offering leak detection services.

The SUTO 5531 leak detector combined with the Leak Management Software LMS makes this job much easier and saves valuable time.


  • Manage customer and site information in LMS and download them to the leak detector S531
  • Easy leak detection from a distance, with estimation of losses in litres per minute
  • Through the integrated camera and voice recorder the found leaks are documented on-site
  • Upload of recorded leaks to LMS through WIFI
  • Analyze the found leaks in LMS, prepare detailed reports of saving opportunities, costs for leak repairs and service time estimates
  • Manage spare part ordering in LMS for leak repair work
  • Prepare documents for leak repair work

LMS is a web-based application that can be installed on own servers or in a cloud, keeping all data secure and absolutely private.

compressed air leak management equipment

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To discuss how our compressed air leak management systems can assist in delivering real-time analytics and identify potential issues before they happen, contact our compressed air specialists. We can demonstrate how you can cost-effectively reduce energy wastage, increase productivity and significantly reduce operating costs.

We are Sydney’s leading compressed air specialists

Compressed Air Technology are specialist consultants and contractors for the compressed air industry. Working with industrial compressed air operators to maximise efficiency, reliability and productivity. We design, supply, install, monitor and certify compressed air systems for a wide range of industries Australia wide.

Our independence is the key to our success

Huge increases in the cost of energy has seen the company start to focus on energy management. We are now regularly called upon in a consulting capacity to design compressed air systems that are efficient as well as reliable and safe. Our independence is key to our success, we are not encumbered by the constraints of a typical compressor dealer, we design each system with an open mind and scour the market for equipment that best suits our clients needs.

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We use specialist compressed air equipment

The company has invested heavily in specialist measuring, monitoring and testing equipment, along with the training of personnel to operate and understand measurement and monitoring methods for compressed air and gas systems. Our whole approach sets Compressed Air Technology apart from the crowd, we believe in what we do, are passionate about compressed air and strive to build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with a wide range of clients across a variety of sectors.

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