Stainless steel pipe and fittings for compressed air systems

stainless steel pipe fittings compressed air

 German-engineered, stainless steel, press-fit connections. 

SUREPRESS offer a fully German-engineered stainless steel press-fit connection solution offering a design life of 50+ years.

With 2 profile options and a range of key features and benefits. SUREPRESS is a quality system offering complete peace of mind along with a design life of over 50 years*.

Combine this with 25 years of market experience, SUREPRESS is your complete stainless solution for potable water, fuel, gas, compressed air and various other suitable applications*.

Fast Safe & Easy to use

  • Heat Free, Flame Free Joints
  • No hot works permit required
  • Speed of installation
  • Faster than traditional methods
  • No need to drain water from the system
  • No post treatment required


  • Consistent uniform joint, every time
  • Leak path detection, if not pressed the joint will purposely leak
  • Visual press indicators to identify non-pressed joints.

Quality 316L Stainless Steel Press Fittings

  • AS3688 compliant
  • 316L material to EN 1.4404

Quality 316L Stainless Steel Tube

  • Low Carbon (0.013%) plus 2.3 % Molybdenum content for higher corrosion resistance.
  • 316L material to EN 1.4404
  • Range 15-168.3mm
  • Compliant to AS 5200

Quality Tooling Options

  • German Engineered with a lightweight ergonomic design
  • 18V Li-ion battery
  • Smart technology including real-time information via Bluetooth.
  • Service intervals of up to 40,000 cycles

Download SUREPRESS Stainless Steel product brochure (PDF) »

surepress stainless steel pipe australia

Full range of stainless steel tubes, fittings, tools and accessories

We can supply an extensive range of stainless steel pipe fittings, tools and accessories.

  • Tubes
  • Coupling
  • Adaptors
  • End caps
  • Elbows (45°, 90°)
  • Elbow spigot (45°, 90°)
  • Wallplate elbows
  • Spigot to pressfit reducer
  • Tees (incl. thread and reducing)
  • Spigot Adaptors
  • Unions
  • Adaptor flanges
  • Pipe bends (15°, 30°, 60°, 75°, 90°)
  • Pipe bridges
  • Centred tees
  • Pipe barrel unions
  • Pressfit ball valves
  • Roll groove adapters
  • Meter prefab manifolds
  • Stainless steel tools and accessories
  • Stainless steel press tools
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